Internship Program Information

Internship Program


Our goal is to develop and maintain a mutually beneficial alliance between our department and local, regional, and national organizations. Such an alliance will provide our students with the opportunity to experience the demands and excitement of solving real-world problems. Organizations can benefit from faculty expertise, actively engage in technology transfer, and recruit from some of our most talented students. Our faculty can benefit from discourse and feedback from industry leaders, which we find crucial in improving and refining our overall academic program, course contents and teaching methods.


Internship Program:

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences has offered an internship program since 1994 to students with junior and senior standing. Students can enroll in CSCI-Y 398 course for up to 3 internship credits per semester and work in a supervised position at an approved organization. Students could use upto 3 credits towards their CS elective requirement. The requirements for a typical 3 credit internship can be satisfied by working for a minimum of 15 hours per week for a period of approximately 4 months (one semester). During this period the intern is jointly evaluated by his or her supervisor at work and the internship faculty supervisor at IU South Bend.


Curriculum and Courses

Computer Equipment and Facilities

Our students are exposed to various hardware and operating systems: The department operates a number of laboratories with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. The majority of the above facilities are also accessible remotely to students with home computers.

Interested in partnering or have questions?

If you are interested in hiring our students, please complete the application and submit it to the Department Chair or the Internship Coordinator by visiting this page.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Department Chair or Internship Coordinator by visiting this page.