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In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), we are proud to be part of a vibrant region and are committed to improving the quality of life for its residents. Our faculty lend their expertise to community development projects and give dynamic presentations at schools, museums and other organizations throughout the region. Our students give back to their community in many ways, such as registering voters through our American Democracy Project and translating children’s books for local immigrants through the Translate for Toddlers program (pictured). Businesses and non-profits alike praise the work ethic and skills of our student interns. Whether you’re looking to grow your organization, better educate your students, improve the environment, or promote social justice, we want to partner with you. We think of South Bend as our home; we hope you’ll come to think of CLAS as your college


   Brenda Phillips
   Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Help Our Students by Letting Them Help You

Most of our students have spent their entire lives in Michiana, so they understand the needs of its residents and are deeply invested in helping the region thrive. They put their knowledge and skills to work as interns at local companies and non-profit organizations, doing everything from designing websites and writing grants to conduct research and planning events. Our classes often partner with local organizations to work on projects that benefit the community partner while providing students with “real world” experience. Let us know what our students can do for you.

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70% of our graduates live and work in the Michiana region

Need Help?

Our faculty love to share their knowledge—it’s why they do what they do!  If you’re a teacher, consider inviting one of our faculty to your class: they are happy to do hands-on experiments, teach mini-lessons, or talk to your students about opportunities in their fields.  Our faculty has contributed to a number of initiatives that enhance the quality of life in our region—from consulting on neighborhood revitalization projects to curating museum exhibits. Our three centers—the Civil Rights Heritage Center, Center for a Sustainable Future, and the American Democracy Project—partner with a host of community organizations on projects related to sustainable development, social justice, and civic engagement. We encourage you to reach out to them as well.

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Events and Activities

Discuss science, literature or history with influential thinkers from around the world at our annual Bender Lecture. Attend one of the many workshops on sustainable living offered through the Center for a Sustainable Future. Gaze at the stars through the giant telescope in the Northside Observatory. Tour African American landmarks through the Civil Rights Heritage Center. The college welcomes the community to join us for these and the many other events that we host throughout the year. To find out more, check out our Events calendar or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.