The Bender Scholar-In-Residence Lecture

About the Speaker

Prudence Bushnell is the former United States Ambassador to Kenya and the author of Terrorism, Betrayal and Resilience: My Story of the 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings. Her book is a harrowing account of her personal experience of the Kenyan Embassy bombing. It examines how the causes of that tragic event—from U.S. security strategies to assumptions about terrorism and the Muslim world—continue to inform U.S. policy today. Hailed by critics as both a “gripping diplomatic thriller” and a “treatise on the double-bind of female leaders,” the book provides a glimpse into the challenges of being a woman leader in the highest ranks of the State Department. Readers follow Bushnell as she makes wrenching decisions that pit what she feels is right for the country against her own life and career aspirations. In 2002, Bushnell’s sacrifices and contributions to the U.S. government were honored with the Service to America Career Achievement Award. Through efforts like the Levitt Leadership Institute that she founded at Hamilton College, Bushnell now devotes herself to shaping future leaders, including women executives and foreign affairs and national security experts.


About Eileen and Harvey Bender

Dr. Eileen Bender was a professor of English at IU South Bend for 33 years before retiring in May of 2010. She co-founded the statewide Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching at Indiana University, served as its first director, and received many awards for her work at IU South Bend as a teacher and campus leader.

Dr. Harvey Bender was a professor of Biology at the University of Notre Dame for 52 years.  He was founding director of the Regional Genetics Center at Memorial Hospital in South Bend and an adjunct professor of Medical Genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  

Eileen and Harvey Bender were married in 1956.  They had three children whose generous gift has made possible the Bender Scholar in Residence Lecture.