Our graduates enter the world not only with knowledge and habits of thought that enrich their lives, but also with abilities that lead to success in diverse careers in law, business, ministry, the military, and more. More than a few of our majors get bit so deep by the philosophy bug that they want to pursue graduate work in philosophy, and we have a strong record of placing our students into some of the top M.A. programs in the country, including those at Tufts, Western Michigan University, Georgia St., and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Philosophy is demanding, but it's also fun. Our Philosophy Club gives students a chance to interact with each other outside of the classroom. And we have frequent talks by invited speakers, with whom students meet in order to learn more about what philosophy looks like outside of the walls of IU South Bend. We hope to see you at one of these events! Or stop by and introduce yourself to Dr. Matt Shockey, Chair of the Department, in Wiekamp 3281.

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Scholarships can play a very important part in making your college education affordable and attainable. We encourage you to begin your search for scholarships early, pay close attention to deadlines and ask questions along the way.

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