Sustainability Research

Sustainability Research

The Center promotes scholarship and a networking of skills and resources between academia and the community. By promoting opportunities for written and collaborative research, individuals interested in learning and sharing research in the emerging field of sustainability studies can both participate and publish. Much of the work of the Center is carried out through and with the collaboration of its working groups. As a way to highlight sustainability issues of interest to students and faculty, white papers are written and shared with academics and administrators.

Information on white papers, as well as downloadable copies, and to working groups and their contact information, are available below.


sEngineering a Sustainable Internship

Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice
Volume 1443 (3)
July, 2017

This Forum Paper highlights the personal and professional benefits an interdisciplinary internship in sustainability can offer to engineering students. With a focus on team-based projects and a triple-bottom line approach, it highlights what a non-traditional internship can offer to engineering students and the field.

sThe Classroom-to-Career Transition at Indiana University South Bend 

Sustainability: The Journal of Record
Vol. 7 No. 1
February, 2014

In this case study we share best practices for creating a seamless transition from classroom to career within a sustainability framework. In our experience, achieving this requires integrating theory and practice along with learning in and beyond the classroom into the very structure of the curriculum and its core courses.

Sustainability: The Journal of Record

The Natural Step for Colleges and Universities

Sustainability: The Journal of Record
Vol.5 No.3 
June, 2012

Sustainability "speaks to the needs and interests of the rapidly growing community of professionals committed to advancing one of the major imperatives of this young century— preservation and sustainability of global resources. A major voice in the sustainability community, the Journal documents the implementation of sustainability programs in higher education and business, and provides the central forum for academic institutions, the business community, foundations, government agencies, and leaders of green-collar endeavors to share and learn about one another’s progress and programs."