First-Year Writing Course Options

Deciphering Your Placement Exam Score

I've taken the English Placement Exam. Now Which Course Do I Take?

Please see the scoring options and correlating coursework below. If you have questions before proceeding, please contact our Department at (574) 520-4304 or


If your placement exam score is...For your first course, take… (and pass with a “C” or better)For your next course, take… (and pass with a “C” or better)
30ENG-W 130 (3 cr.)ENG-W 131 (3 cr.)
40ENG-W 131 (3 cr.)You’re done!

*Students can choose to work throughout the semester with the same WriteWell tutor from the IU South Bend Writers’ Room via regular Zoom conferences. With this pairing, the tutor will gain a clear sense of how to best help the student develop their writing skills over the course of the semester. This pairing will be arranged during the first week of the semester, and the student will be expected to work consistently and regularly with the assigned tutor.