What is Computer Science?

IT is the systematic study of computation, hardware systems, software systems, and networks, combined with the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. It is the foundation upon which all branches of information technology rest. Students learn to design and implement systems; to manage and visualize data, control robots, model human cognition, extract information from vast volumes of data, etc. Computer Scientists build the computing tools used by professionals in virtually all disciplines. 

What is Informatics?

IT provides you technology education to solve real world problems. It gives you a structural path to a bright future in information technology careers while also providing the flexibility you need to study what you love. As an informatics student, you won’t just study information technology. You will model how technology impacts the academic disciplines that interest you most. Informatics is the understanding of information technology, its impact on society, and its applications to various fields such as biology, health care, chemistry, arts, business, music, philosophy, and psychology.

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