Labs and Spaces

NS 207A (William J. Knight) Collaborative Space

  • The main purpose is to...

    The main purpose is to provide a collaborative work space to our students. Currently the lab has a large sized display with VGA and HDMI interfaces, and an overhead projector. Students need to bring their own laptops and use IU Secure Wi-Fi. This space could be used for group work, software development, HCI, robotics, etc.

NS 207B (John Russo) Undergraduate Lab

  • This lab is exclusive to Computer Science Majors....

    Providing undergraduate CS students with secure access to a stable Linux environment where they may hone their project development and programming skills, focus on homework, research projects, practice web and graphical design, group work, and student club in a protected space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of public computer labs on campus.

NS 209 Computer and Information Sciences General Lab

  • This lab is exclusive to....

    This lab is exclusive to Computer and Information Sciences and Informatics students. This lab is used by current graduate students and undergraduate students (majors, minors, and certificates), as well as prospective students seeking guidance and tutelage in freshman-level programming and computing projects.

  • Provides students with access to...

    Provides students with access to a host of development workstations running the latest versions of Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This lab offers a more flexible work environment to versatile programmers looking to apply their skills on a wide variety of platforms. Together with the (John Russo) Linux Lab, the exclusivity of this space provides focused and driven programmers with a more free-form laboratory to brain-storm and coordinate projects without worry of interrupting, or being interrupted by, the general traffic of other open lab spaces on campus.

NS 164 Informatics General Lab

  • Exclusive to....

    Exclusive to Informatics students and others enrolled in select Computer Science & Informatics courses. Outfitted with dozens of high-performance (Apple) workstations that run MacOS and Windows with nearly 25+ NVIDIA GPUs compatible with the latest CUDA libraries. Highly configurable network offering blazing-fast parallelization opportunities. The GPU and Network resources offer a large potential for deep-learning, and parallel processing projects.

IU Research Computing Systems

SSH Servers

  • SSH servers...
    • Students have remote access to suite of SSH servers. For more information regarding connecting to the servers, contact the lab supervisor.
    • The department also hosts the powerful Bioinformatics server for computations on biological data. Contact Dr. Murli Nair for more information.

IU Research Computing Systems

  • In addition, the labs are used to....

    In addition, the labs are used to support advanced courses in Computer and Information Sciences and Informatics. Some of the special configurations are listed below

    • Isolated security lab for Introduction to Computer Security course.
    • Raspberry Pi clusters for Operating Systems course.
    • Computing clusters for Parallel and Distributed Computing course.
    • Powerful GPU machine for Applied Deep Learning course.
    • Arduino for introduction robotics to students in courses and summer camps.
    • Programmable Logic IC Development Tools and Raspberry Pi for Hardware Design course.

Do you need help with Lab Software, Hardware, Network, Access, Disk Quota?

Complete the form and email it to or call 574-520-4439 or stop by the Lab Supervisor office in NS 203.