Titans of Sustainability

Titans of Sustainability

Titans of Sustainability is a work-study internship program focused on engaging students in all facets of sustainability. Titans was made possible by a grant from The Woman’s Philanthropy at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Titans work closely with faculty, staff, and other students at the Center for a Sustainable Future. Students engage in a learning community, working together to connect real world problem solving, student learning, and community connections necessary for students as they progress through their academic careers and enter into the workforce.

Titans are involved in a number of initiatives, including:

  • Campus garden, providing fresh produce to communities in need in South Bend
  • Annual eWaste event, which provides Michiana community members a safe and environmentally sound way to dispose of their unwanted electronics
  • Earth Day events, including the Mayors Proclamation for sustainable towns and cities
  • Connecting to others interested in sustainability via the creation of newsletters and social media campaigns
  • Sustainability Lecture Series, engaging the broader Michiana area with innovative sustainability thinkers and practitioners
  • Annual Green Town event, connecting all facets of cities and towns to work together for sustainability
  • New initiative connecting to area K-12 teachers and students interested in sustainability
  • Opportunities to engage in a variety of sustainability related research projects

Meet the 2016-2017 Titans



is a senior studying biological sciences and sustainability. She is also part of the Sustainability Committee on campus. Her current projects are centered around community outreach, which include projects such as releasing an "introduction to sustainability" video in Spanish for our Latino community, connecting with local non-profits to lead educational nature hikes and renewing our campus rain garden to promote the awareness and education of ecological niches, native plants and the use of rain gardens as a viable solution to storm water management and a healthy watershed.


maheshhas worked at the Center for a Sustainable Future for two years as an intern. Her original focus was to coordinate our Earth Day receptions and engage in student outreach. Now her main focus is to enhance the Sustainability club and engage sustainability students with other programs on campus. Breezy is a Sustainability major with a minor in Spanish. 


kristais a Graduate student completing the certficate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership.He previously worked in the IT field for almost 30 years and is pursuing his dream career of working closer to nature to help reduce our Environmental impact. He is studying for his LEED GA credentials, and working on projects at the center such as Cupanion (cup companion), and with establishing the survey for the Sustainability Showcase space on campus.


billis a Sophomore at IUSB studying for his general studies major and working on a Sustainability minor. He currently works for the Center for a Sustainable Future as Project Developer, updating and managing website, newsletter, social media, outreach, event promotion and support.


sarais finishing up the last of her classes to graduate in December. She will graduate with a double major in Accounting and Finance. Sara is very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Center for a Sustainable Future so she has learned how to work in a professional setting and also learned how to express her ideas more efficiently. Sara hopes to use the knowledge she gained at IUSB to further her career in business settings, while also learning about how to make the world a better place.

Robyn and Emily

jerryRobyn is in her third year at IUSB, pursing a major in Sustainability and double-minor in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Spanish. Emily is a graduate student at IUSB. Together, they work at the Center for a Sustainable Future on campus, managing the garden and organizing student outreach. After college, Robyn would like to start her own organic farm as an educational center and eco-tourist destination. To her, nothing is more satisfying than growing food and empowering others to do the same.

Meet the 2015-2016 Titans

Michaela Kapala


Michaela (Mac) is a senior at IUSB. She is a Biology major with minors in Sustainability Studies and Chemistry. She plans to use her education in Sustainability to create a healthy and environmentally safe dental practice one day. She loves sustainability because it gives her a chance to step out of the lab and focus on people and society as a whole. Michaela was our 2015 Student in Sustainability Award winner and hosts our video series "What's up Mac" to highlight our students and graduates on social media. 

Adriene Nascimento


Adriene is a junior at IUSB. She is a biology major who has a deep appreciation for wildlife and nature. Her desire to spread the culture of conservation has led to her pursuing a minor in Sustainability Studies. Adriene plans to attend graduate school to continue her studies. She is a coffee connnoisseur, an avid hiker, and best friend to her loyal pup, Tova. 

Briannah McCall


Briannah (Breezy) is a sophomore at IUSB. She is a Sustainability Studies major and a Spanish minor. She is a vocal feminist and is active on campus. Briannah is unsure of her career path but hopes to find a cause that will need her sustainability knowledge. She loves learning new cultures, languages and foods. She is looking forward to learning more about sustainability issues and how she can become part of the solution.

Sara Stayback


Sara is a senior at IUSB. She is a double major in Accouting and Finance with minors in Women and Gender Studies and Management Information Systems. Sara is very grateful for the opportunity to work for the Center for a Sustainable Future so she can learn how to work in a professional setting and learn how to express her ideas more efficently. Sara hopes to use the knowledge she gains at IUSB to further her career in business, while also learning how to make the world a better place.

Meet the 2014-2015 Titans

Mike Staszewski


Mike is a senior at IUSB majoring in Advertising and Marketing. He is the campus Unity Garden leader, a senator for the Student Government Association, Advertising Manger for The Preface, and a Board Member for River Park Neighborhood and River Park Business Association. 

Michaela Kapala


I am Junior at IUSB majoring in Biology and minoring in both Chemistry and Sustainability Studies. I began working in the Center for a Sustainable Future last summer updating and managing their social media outreach (yes, we’re on Facebook. You should connect with us!), and assisting with any special events that the Center hosts during the academic year. Since then, I have had the opportunity to attend and participate in sustainability education events such as the annual AASHE conference and South Bend’s very own Green Town. I am very excited to see my campus become more sustainable as my team at the Center continues to spread education about sustainability and the triple bottom line to freshmen and seniors alike. Sustainability has become something very important to me and I look forward to further continuing my education in it and incorporating it into my future career. 

Brian Walters


I am a senior majoring in General Studies with a double minor in Psychology and Sustainability. I am currently working on my internship in Sustainability - learning how to inform and teach about issues concerning our natural resources/environment and sustainability is one of the many skills I hope to inherit from the internship. I am currently working on a community garden project for a local apartment complex and hope this opportunity will expand into something greater. My wife and I have slowly implemented sustainable living techniques into our daily routines and have started to plan our fully sustainable house.