STEM Alumni

Please view some of our alumni to get a glimpse of what could lie in your future. Some graduates enter the workforce immediately, while others study further in graduate school, medical school, or other institutes. In the past decade, four of our graduates have won prestigious Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation which fund each student with a stipend of around $40,000 each year for four years.

Three STEM winners of 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Our three 2014 STEM winners of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

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Michele Costantino
B.S. Biochemistry

Arizona State University
Ph.D. Candidate
Conor McGee
B.S. Chemistry

Indiana University Bloomington
Ph.D. Candidate
Alexandra Hochstetler
B.S. Biochemistry

IU School of Medicine
Medical Student
Hannah MacLeod
B.S. Biochemistry

Lebermuth Company, Inc.
Regulatory Specialist
(Fragrance Industry)
Denisse Hernandez
B.S. Chemistry & B.A. French

IU School of Medicine
M.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Intellia Therapeutics
Senior Associate Scientist
(Mass spectrometry)
Abigail Damschroder
B.S. Chemistry

H.B. Fuller
Quality Lab Technician
Ashley Tong
B.S. Biochemistry

Massachussets Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Chemistry

Akoya Biosciences
Laboratory Manager
(Immunotherapy oncology treatment)
Humberto Irepan Chavarria
B.S. Chemistry

University of Arizona
Ph.D. Candidate (Geoscience)
Joel Green
B.S. Biochemistry

Indiana School of Medicine
Medical Student