Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards

The Linda Marie Fritschner Award for Excellence in Research or Creative Activity

The Linda Marie Fritschner Fund for Academic Excellence in Sociology or Anthropology was established in 2008 upon the retirement of Professor Fritschner. Family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Fritschner contributed to this fund in order to recognize the many contributions that Dr. Fritschner made to our department and campus. Single or multiple cash awards of up to $600 may be granted each year.

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The Ariela Royer Scholarship

This scholarship is eligible for nontraditional students: over 25, or with life experience identifying criteria. Awards up to $1000 and is designed to be one way to alleviate some of the stress in a student’s busy life.

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The Dean's Scholarship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

There is a Dean's Scholarship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. This scholarship carries an award of $500. To be eligible for it, students must be completing a major within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Social or Behavioral Sciences, have completed at least 48 hours by the end of the spring semester in which they are applying, and have earned at least a 3.5 overall grade point average. Applications for the scholarship are due March 10.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Over 30 IU South Bend and 200 IU Foundation scholarships can now be applied for online. The IU Foundation awards have a March 10 deadline. The IU South Bend awards have an April 1 deadline. Visit the Scholarships website for complete information about these awards.