Scholarships and Awards


The Dean's Scholarship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

There is a Dean's Scholarship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. This scholarship carries an award of $500. To be eligible for it, students must be completing a major within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Social or Behavioral Sciences, have completed at least 48 hours by the end of the spring semester in which they are applying, and have earned at least a 3.5 overall grade point average. Applications for the scholarship are due March 1.

Scholarship Information.          Scholarship Application.

Other Scholarship Opportunities
Over 30 IU South Bend and 200 IU Foundation scholarships can now be applied for online. The IU Foundation awards have a March 1 deadline. The IU South Bend awards have an April 1 deadline. Visit the Scholarships website for complete information about these awards.


The Psychology Department makes three annual awards, the Award for Excellence in Psychology, the James R. Haines Research Award, and the Outstanding Service Award.

2021 Nicole Richardson & Rachel Geist
2020 Rachel Geist
2019 Taylor Yoder
2018 Faith Stull and Kayla Sweet

2017 Jacob Parker
2016 Eman Alkotob and Christopher Crawford
2015 Sarah Ratkiewicz
2014 Elyse Lefebvre
2013 Hansong Zhang
2012 Ashley Hilliker, Mitchell Kajzer, and Melissa Lentine
2011 Cassandra Brown
2010 Andrea Jones
2009 Ben Smith, Sarah Mertes
2008 Jeff Brooks
2007 Jennifer Kewson, Jessica Urschel, and Erin Ward
2006 Sarah York Bates
2005 Motonori Yamaguchi
2004 Jeanne Fruth
2003 Nancy Miller
2002 Wendy Gunggoll
2001 Suzanne Albright
2000 Sesi Ayadurai
1999 Lori Lupresto
1998 Stacey Osowski
1997 Steven spencer
1996 Scott Simerlein and Christine Freel
1995 Hillary Bubb and Peggy Perry
1994 Gabriele Behar
1993 Julia Louis McDonald
1992 Robert Folk and Roxanne Thomas
1991 Saige Swank and diana Streevy-Asher
1990 Carol Shilling and Christine Smith
1988 Linda Kintz
1987 Loraine Barker-Witkowski
1986 Deborah Lee O'Laughlin
1985 Janice Gard and Craig Witkowski
1984Jean Badry and Robert Bontempo
1983 Denise Peters
1982 Maureen Skurski
1981 Donna B. Evangelisti and Linda D. Monroe
1980 Lynda C. Abusamra
1979 Debra L. Mattison and Christine E. Nowicki
1978 Thomas Jerger and Lynn Reiter
1977 Cheryl L. Housand
1976 George J. Bronicki and Joan E. Albrecht
1975 Phyllis O. (Perkins) Olson
1974 Dulcy Ann Gray
1973 A. Chris Downs
1972 David W. Lauver and Kathleen Ann Myszak
1971 Louise Marion Fogarty and Russell Dean Slabaugh
1970 Jane Clare Mayhew and Kathleen Ann Muldoon
1969 Trudy Suzanne Kirkley
1968 Thomas Eugene Brown
1967 Marilyn Louise Smith

2020 Kaitlyn Brown
2019 Cassandra Reyes
2018 Angelina Hernandez and Sheree Harris

2017 Alezandria Hepburn
2016 Melissa Lee
2015 Sarah Woods
2014 Bethany Dobson
2013 Hansong Zhang
2012 Ashley Hilliker
2011 Mitchell Kajzer
2010 Andrea Jones

2021 Rachel Geist
2020 Hannah Quinn
2019 Taylor Yoder
2018 Faith Stull And Kayla Sweet

2017 Melissa Lee and Faith Stull
2016 Eman Alkotob, Christopher Crawford, and Sarah Woods
2015 Maiko Heflick, Sarah Ratkiewicz, and Cassandra Zuroff
2014 Bethany Dobson
2013 Shelley Gorski & Hansong Zhang
2010 Andrea Jones, Nicole Purtee
2009 Lauren Wachowicz
2008 Jeff Brooks
2007 Erin Ward
2006 Tracy Moser
2005 Montonori Yamaguchi
2004 Stephanie Borosh
2003 Debra Shively
2002 Chris Coryn
2001 Lori Butchko
2000 Deborah Lichtenbarger
1999 Geraldine Bryan
1998 Stacey Osowski
1997 Mary Ann McGwin
1996 Penny Lukenbill
1995 Melissa Kroger