Thesis/Capstone Experience

Independent Research/Creative Activity Option

Students choosing to complete the capstone experience with the independent scholarly or creative activity option begin by identifying a faculty member who will direct the project. Then, in consultation with their faculty director, they identify two additional readers for the project.

There are two possible types of MLS projects under this option: (i) a scholarly project based on research and analysis, or (ii) a creative project with an interdisciplinary dimension. A “process paper,” a written component focusing on the objectives, methodology, and scholarly significance of the creative activity, must accompany the creative project.

Graduate Project Proposal Guidelines

Before beginning work on the actual project, students must first complete a proposal in consultation and with the approval of their faculty director and readers. A proposal approval form must be submitted to the MLS office along with a copy of the proposal and accompanying documents.

Requirements for Submission of the Final Project

The requirements of the University Graduate School are relatively straightforward and simple. Individual departments or committees, however, may have additional requirements to which you must conform. The following is just a basic guide to the general standards of the University Graduate School as they apply to the MLS project. For additional information, please also see the relevant sections of the University Graduate School Bulletin. Be sure to check with both the Director and your committee on any additional standards before you submit your final version. You will thus avoid confusion and frustration later.

This section includes a discussion of the chronology in which the last few steps must proceed, as well as information about format and distribution regulations for the project. It also contains several appendices, some of which show how various standardized pages should look. In case of special problems not covered here, please consult with the Director of the MLS program.