Heather Jones

Heather Jones

Lecturer, French and Spanish

Wiekamp Hall, Room DW 3231
(574) 520-4628


MLS (Master in Liberal Studies), Postcolonial Francophone Literature and Translation, Indiana University South Bend, 2007.

Arabic and Arabic Studies Certificate, Defense Language Institute, US Army, 2003

BA in History, Minors in French and Spanish, 2001


Teaching Interests

Professor Jones teaches French 101 & 203 in the Fall semesters, French 102 & 204 in the Spring semesters, Spanish 101-204 in Spring, Summer, and Fall, Spanish 206 “Spanish for Public Services” in Spring semesters, and Spanish 275 “Hispanic Conversation and Culture” in Fall semesters.

Study/Volunteer Abroad

Oaxaca, Mexico, 2019
Guatemala, 2003
El Savador, 2011
Yucatán, México, 2010
Salamanca, Spain, 2006
Normandy, France, 1999


The ability to speak foreign languages has broken down more barriers and opened more doors for me than I ever imagined. I hope to inspire students to keep persevering in their language learning, and put aside their fears of speaking to others in a foreign language, and travelling to other countries, because the end result is worth it. With this goal in mind, I encourage my students to become active members in the foreign language community through community engagement and service learning assignments. Among other grants received to include service-learning and community engagement in the classroom, I was one of the 2017-2018 Engaged Faculty Fellows. My students can expect to be involved in a service-learning project in and out of the classroom through Translate-for-Toddlers, La Casa de Amistad, El Campito, and other community partners.


Translation of an excerpt of “La vie de Joséphin le Fou,” by Ananda Devi. Currents (2013): 24-25.