DSST Examination Program

For students completing the A.A.G.S. or B.G.S. degrees

DSST exam credit is considered transfer credit and can only be applied toward the Bachelor of General Studies degree (and AAGS). A maximum of 30 external exam credits, such as DSST and CLEP, can be applied toward the BGS (no more than 15 credits toward the AAGS). The grade of S (Satisfactory) is recorded on your transcript; failures are not recorded. You must wait 30 days from the last test date to retake a failed exam. Exams do not count toward financial aid enrollment status. See your General Studies advisor to discuss how you could apply these credits toward your degree.

Taking your test in the General Studies Test Center: contact the General Studies office at least two weeks prior to your anticipated test date to schedule your exam: 574-520-4260 or intouch@iusb.edu.

The cost for each exam attempt is $100.

  • When you login on your testing day, you will pay with a credit or debit card. Only Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards are accepted.
  • Currently, the General Studies program has waived the administrative fee as a cost-savings to our students.

Selecting and preparing for exams: Review the chart below of approved exams with your BGS advisor. To learn more about each exam and to make your final selections, visit www.getcollegecredit.com. Click "DSST Exams" and find your exams of interest. On each exam page, click "Download Fact Sheet" to review the exam content, sample questions, and references. To prepare for the exam, you will study on your own. You can study from books listed in the references or you can get books covering the topics listed under content (the IUSB Library can help). You may also purchase test prep materials and practice exams which are offered by a variety of companies.

Official Score Reports

  • IU South Bend must receive an official score report or an official transcript from Prometric to award credit for the successful completion of a DSST exam.
  • Upon registration, you must enter code 9556 as the Institutional Score Report to have the official score report sent to IU South Bend to receive credit (regardless of testing site).
  • Failure to enter 9556 as the Institutional Score Report will result in having to order and pay for an official transcript from Prometric to receive credit.
  • Receipt of official score reports and posting credit to the IU South Bend transcript can take up to six weeks. If you are taking DSST exams in your final semester, please follow these deadlines:
    • May graduates: complete exams no later than March 31
    • August graduates: complete exams no later than July 15
    • December graduates: complete exams no later than October 31