Kyoko Takanashi

Courses Recently Taught at IU South Bend

English MA Courses

L695: Independent Study for Graduate Students
L642: Studies in Romantic Literature
L501: Professional Scholarship in Literature 

English Major Courses

E302: Survey of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Literature
L376: Adolescent Literature
L369: Studies in British and American Authors: Novel and Nation – Romantic Novels 
L207: Women and Literature: Women and Work 
L202: Literary Interpretation 

Study Abroad Courses

E302: Sites of Enlightenment in London and Edinburgh (Co-taught with Lee Kahan) 

General Education Courses

T390: Advanced Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Monsters of Modernity 
T190/T192: Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Literary Hauntings 
T190: Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Imagining Monsters
T190: Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Travel Literature and the Politics of Description 
W131: Freshman Composition
W130: Elementary Composition

First Year Seminar Courses

T190: Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Literary Hauntings

ESL Courses for International Students

G013: Academic Writing for International Graduate Students
L100: Communication Skills for International Students

Recent Publications

“Sherlock’s ‘Brain Attic:’ Information Culture and the Liberal Professional Dilemma” Forthcoming from PMLA: Publication of the Modern Language Association.

“Mediation, Reading, and Yorick’s Sentimental Vehicle.” Forthcoming from Novel: A Forum on Fiction.

“Circulation, Monuments, and the Politics of Transmission in Sir Walter Scott’s The Tales of My Landlord,” ELH 79.2 (2012): 289-314.

Works in Progress

“Customary Forms: Theorizing Social and Fictional Conventions in Northanger Abbey” (Article)

Traveling through the Pages: Reading Realisms in the Age of Transport Revolutions(Monograph)