Erinn Kelley


I love all things that have to do with the study of writing and part of that interest comes from my professional past. After completing my undergraduate degree in English, I worked as an environmental consultant for both private corporations and government agencies. I traveled all over the country conducting research and writing about the history of potentially contaminated properties. As a result, I have a unique perspective on the career choices available to writers and English majors.


First Year Writing Committee
Placement Committee
Professional and Public Writing Committee, Chair
CLAS Curriculum Committee
Senate Non Tenure Track Faculty Committee

Courses Recently Taught at IU South Bend

First Year Writing (ENG-W 130/ENG-W131)
Argumentative Writing (ENG-W 270)
Professional Writing (ENG-W 231)
Business Writing (ENG-W232)
Academic Writing (ENG-G 013)