Diane Economakis


Diane Persin Economakis serves as Senior Lecturer in English, and has taught at IUSB since 2006.  Her most frequently taught courses include English W270:  Argumentative Writing (a course which she was instrumental in restructuring), English W131, and T390:  Music and Literature, which she created.  Diane is especially interested in questions regarding the impact of new technology on our work and educational experiences.  She is also a musician and serves as Executive Director of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras. She and her husband have a six-year-old daughter.



MA, University of Notre Dame
B.A. in English, Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College.
B.S. in Secondary Education/English, Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College.
B.M. in Violin Performance, Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College.