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English majors are very marketable because of their ability to communicate well, analyze complex ideas, collaborate, think on their feet, research, and continue learning. This flexibility can lead to a career in many areas, including information and research, publishing, editing, journalism, media, law, medicine, business, education, writing, library science/information services, website development, advertising, marketing, public relations, and more!

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Best of all, you don't have to choose between financial success and your passion. According to salary.com, English is one of 8 degrees providing the best “Return on Investment.” Above all, “the best way to get the biggest bang for your education buck is to truly love what you do."

For more information about becoming an English major, contact department chair Elaine Roth. To declare an English major, click hereTo declare an English minor, Creative Writing minor, Film Studies minor, or Professional and Public Writing minor, click here.

Our programs are designed to expand students' understanding and skills in English language and composition, written communication, and literature. These programs prepare students for a broad range of careers, especially those requiring analytical thinking and expression and the ability to read carefully and write clearly. In addition to education and media-related careers, the writing and analytical skills gained in English courses will enhance careers in business, law, and medicine.

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