Chemistry Development

There are several different funds that support the students of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the IU South Bend Campus. These funds benefit our students through scholarships and learning opportunities. Many funds exist to support departments and programs. As our department, continues to evolve and grow, we offer you the opportunity to support vital capital projects on campus.

Awards and Scholarships:



Gretchen Anderson Pathways Scholarship –  NEW!

In honor of retired professor Gretchen Anderson.


George Nazaroff Scholarship

In honor of retired professor George Nazaroff.

Student Awards and Department Activities


Joseph J. Ross Award

Given to student in senior seminar class.


South Bend Chemistry Department Fund

Supports many awards and activities.

You can make a gift to an existing fund, in any amount that you wish.

Or, you can establish a new fund if you wish to direct your gifts to a new scholarship or project

To give to an existing fund, there are several options available:

1. Online giving is easy and convenient. Click the Give Now button and you will be directed to the IU Foundation website. In the list of accounts provided, locate the specific account to which you would like to designate your gift and click the link. If the account to which you wish to give is not provided in their shortened list, refer to this list of accounts to find the account name and number, type in the number in the space provided on the IU Foundation site

Give Now

2. To make a gift by check, please indicate the designated account on the memo line of the check and send to:

IU Foundation - South Bend,
P.O. Box 6460
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6460

All gifts are deposited into IU South Bend accounts as intended.

3. Payroll Deduction is a simple way for IU South Bend faculty and staff to make payments toward any gift. Initiate a payroll deduction.

4. Planned giving options are available. For more information about setting up a planned gift to benefit IU South Bend, please contact Dina Harris at 574-520-4131.

If you have questions, please contact Dina Harris, Director of Development, at 574-520-4131, or by email at

Visit the IU Foundation website for more information

Indiana Tax Credit

Indiana residents contributing to IU South Bend through the IU Foundation qualify for the Indiana tax credit. For a couple filing jointly, a $400 contribution reduces their Indiana tax liability by $200. For an individual return, a $200 membership would reduce the donor's liability by $100.

Federal Tax Deductions

Those who itemize deductions may deduct 100 percent of all charitable contributions subject to the general limitation of 50 percent of adjusted gross income. Consult your tax advisor for specific information.