Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biological Sciences prepares students for a career as a professional biologist and is geared toward students who wish to enter post-graduate studies in any area of biology or one of the health professions (e.g., dentist, physician, optometrist, pharmacist, physician assistant, physical therapist, or veterinarian).

Minor in Biological Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires its students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree (for example, majors in English, Philosophy, Sociology, etc.) to complete requirements for a minor as well. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree (degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, and Physics) are NOT required to have a minor. However, a minor can be a great way to explore complementary disciplines and gain additional training. A minor expands student learning and job opportunities, and even chances of getting into a professional or graduate school. That's because a minor allows the student to develop a good understanding of an additional academic discipline without having to go through the extra time and expense of a double major.

Minor in Biology details