Quick Post Widget Help

Tips and instructions for using and configuring the Quick Post Widget.

Using the widget

Using the Quick Post Widget is easy. Just type in the post title, type or paste the contents of the post content en choose one, or more if you use the checklist, categories.

When your role allows you to create a new category, radio buttons are displayed to choose between an existing category and a new category as well as an input box for its name.

You can also choose a parent for the new category.

When you create a new category with the same name as an existing one no error message is displayed, but your post is just added to your new (existing) category.

You can manually type in tags or just select them from the list of existing tags. Of course you can also define new, or existing, tags just by typing them in the tags field.

The widget offers visual editing directly from the frontpanel of your site, without going into the backend, with a bunch of features (spellchecking, preview,....)!

Configuring the widget

General Options

Visibility options

Category options

Visual editor options

Guest posting options

Custom fields options

Custom taxonomies options


Here you can determine the labels for the fields in the widget. If you leave these options empty, defaults are used.
Of course you can use labels in your own language, but you can also use labels for your own special purpose.
For instance, instead of using 'Post title' you could use 'Clip title', 'Message title' etc.


Here you can determine the default text to display in the post title and content when nothing is entered yet and the parent category and tags droplists .


Every element in the widget is styled by the stylesheet.
If you would like to change for instance an items border color or width you can of course change the stylesheet.
Instead of changing the stylesheet you can also style the elements by defining a style in the options panel.
It has the advantage that when you perform an upgrade of the plugin you won't lose your customizations.
You should use valid css style syntax. For instance if you want to change the post content height you could define 'height: 400px';