Reducing Waste On Campus

Reducing Waste On Campus

Tracy Horvath – Waste Reduction Coordinator

As our Waste Reduction Coordinator, Tracy has taken on many projects to promote a sustainable lifestyle across our IU South Bend campus. She has created the “Tops Off” project, a campaign to collect bottle caps, the “Food Scrap Collection & Composting” project, an effort to collect food from the dining hall that can be composted, and the “Ozzi vs. Styrofoam” project, a movement across campus to eliminate the use of Styrofoam in the dining hall.

Tracy has also advocated for the addition of a “Sustainable Practices” section to our Special Events Manual on campus, as well as “Ways to be Sustainable” in the New Student flyer.

“I’m most excited about ridding campus of Styrofoam containers with the potential help from SGA and The Veterans Administration. Ozzi containers are 100% recyclable and reusable and are available in several different sizes. The dispenser disperses the containers and also takes them back when students are finished eating. Easy to buy and easy to return just like renting a movie. Yay to less Styrofoam being sent to landfills where it would take 500 years to decompose!”

We’re so excited to see all of these projects come together as Tracy continues her work for our Center. We will be posting updates under our “Waste Reduction” section of our blog; stay tuned!

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