Mtg Notes & Updates November, 2018

Mtg Notes & Updates November, 2018

Advisory Board Members – Thank you!

What a delightful and inspiring conversation we had last week, Friday, November 16, at our fall meeting. This post is the first in our effort to provide you with information and updates to ensure a successful partnership and continual improvement in our communication.

Thank you for your interest in and hospitality towards the students working at the Center. They really enjoyed sharing their projects and were impressed by your curiosity about and support of the work they are doing. Day to day efforts can seem small, so your positive feedback was much appreciated!

Thank you for listening to Center updates and the experiences and perspectives on how and what the Center could and should be as it continues to grow up and into what it can and should be for our campus and community.

In review:

  • Save the Dates:
    • Friday, March 22, 2019, 11:30-1:00pm. Spring Advisory Board Meeting. Strategic Plan work & Earth Day Award nominations.
    • Thursday, April 18 5:30-7:30pm. Earth Day Award Reception & Award Ceremony. University Grill.
  • Sustainability & Innovation Series: Wednesdays, January 30 – March 20, 7:00-8:30pm
  • Held first Peace, Justice, and Sustainability reading & discussion series at/with Civil Rights Heritage Center and a dozen community members.
  • Indiana Sustainable Development Program
    • Seeking partners to host a (free to sponsor) full time, paid intern to focus on sustainability projects. Supported by McKinney Foundation. Business, non-profit, municipal government all eligible. More information HERE.
  • Workshops Presented
    • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
    • IU FALCON Conference (Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers Conference)
    • Sustainable Operations Workshop. Sponsored by City of South Bend, South Shore Clean Cities, & MACOG
  • Civic Engagement: In last month, active with the following:
    • Green Ribbon Commission
    • Bike South Bend
    • Shirley Heinze Land Trust CAC
    • County Food Access Council
    • Carnegie Engaged Campus Task Force
    • Facilities Committee
    • Sustainability Committee
  • Sustainability Fellowship Programs
    • One application; to begin January 2019

Attached are the documents we reviewed during the meeting and items of note about each:

  • Current strategic plan – a bit unwieldy, and beyond the realistic scope of what the Center can and should do given the growth and evolving role of Sustainability Studies
  • Earth Day Reception Brainstorming – ideas received from attendees at the April, 2018 Earth Day Reception. Highlights key themes for what people want to see and experience. Includes notes made by you during our discussion regarding what could and should happen through the Center.

What evolved was a re-imagining of the Center for a Sustainable Future as a “Lab” to initiate and foster sustainability ideas, practices, and projects. This creates space between academics, run by the Sustainability Studies program that now houses the Center, and the campus-community initiatives.

Here is a graphic interpretation, adapted as well as I am able from Chuck Lehman’s delightful drawing.

  • College of Liberal Arts & Science (CLAS): IU South Bend unit that houses sustainability program and center.
  • Sustain IU: IU-wide Sustainability led by state sustainability director in Bloomington. Monthly conference calls around best practices and information sharing. Annual summit held with representatives from all campuses. Provides IU support for initiatives that include academics and campus/community projects.
  • Sustainability Studies Program: Houses academic program (Major, Minor, and Graduate Certificate). Director = Dr. Deb Marr
  • Center for a Sustainable Future (CSF): “The Community Lab” focused on 1) Applied Research, 2) Engaged Service 3) Community Education. Create a model of what “Sustain IU” can use and apply at other campuses and communities. A resource of ongoing demonstrations focused on Innovation & Advocacy.
    • Need to define metrics and impacts CSF has had on students, community, partners, etc. (funding potential)
  • Community Engagement: A High Impact Practice in education, a centerpiece of IU South Bend’s work to for recognition as a Carnegie Engaged Campus, and central to the work of the CSF.

The notes on the feedback from Earth Day, 2018 ideas are HERE. Please review and come ready to outline new goals, strategies, and objectives in March.

Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support. Be in touch if you have questions, ideas, or concerns about these notes or other thoughts on the work of the Center.

~ Krista

kob @ iusb . edu

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