Event- West Side Stories

Consider attending the next Food for Thought Community Engagement Breakfast – West Side Stories: Innovation and Resilience on the West Side. Feel free to come and go as your schedule allows.

The Food for Thought Breakfast Series is a collaborative effort of area academic institutions to provide opportunities for community agencies and organizations to connect with potential academic partners for shared problem-solving and research. This session will host a variety of organizations and initiatives related to the theme (see below). Attendees can also create their own topics for discussion.


Our first staff feature!

This is Anthony Bush ( Tony ) from The Center for a Sustainable Future. He is a Sustainability Project Developer, and working on the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System ( STARS ) Report for IUSB. STARS is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. He gathers data from each department at IUSB and input that data into the STARS Report to measure IUSB’s sustainability performance.

Sustainable Class Project

I recently discovered this class project where students took certain topics effecting our earth, and narrowed in on solutions for a more sustainable future. One article that compelled me discussed the issues in food waste, and giving back to those in need for food.

Check out the link and see all the zoning issues we could work on as a community as “No-Waste-November” approaches!



Fall Spirit

No Waste November is right around the corner, and what a better way to celebrate is by setting an efficient, green goal for the month!

Let me hear your goals in celebration of giving back to our earth.


Seeing Systems- Still Time To Sign Up

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to sign up for the Seeing Systems discussion group. Register by emailing csfuture@iusb.edu. Pick up your book at the Civil Rights Heritage Center during open hours.

First discussion session starts October 8th at 7pm.

Seeing Systems Registration!

Friendly reminder that the Seeing systems (six week discussion) registration is  due by October 1st. Register by emailing the center csfuture@iusb.com.

Book pick up is at the Civil Rights Heritage Center before October 8th, which is the first session).

Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability connects the dots between three society’s most pressing challenges and helps participants find pathways for powerful change in our everyday lives.

On-Campus Garden!!

Did you know there is an on-campus housing garden???
Well, YES! This garden is filled with different kinds of fresh tomatoes, peppers, and delicious edible leaves.
*Check it out sometime and grab what you want before the season change!
*Located behind Creek building